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Born in the Rose
NGC 2244 is a cluster of young stars at the centre of the Rosette Nebula.
4.8 hours of integration in RGB
Heart of Virgo
Galaxies all shapes and sizes at the centre of the Virgo cluster.
8.4hours of exposure in RGB with the QHY268c
Captured with the QHY268c and 8inch Newtonian.
Horsehead and Flame HaRGB
An iconic winter nebula sitting comfortably in Orion. Data capture during November and December 2019 with about 11 hours of imaging
North America
NGC 7000 in Hubble palette. 16.8 hours of Sulphur, Hydrogen and Oxygen data captured from November to December 2019.
Cone nebula in Monoceros
This hydrogen rich field contains a few named landmarks like the Christmas Tree, Fox fur, Snowflake and Cone.
28 hours of integration in Oxygen and Hydrogen data.
Wall to Pelican
North America Nebula in HOO composition. 12 hours of data capture in November 2019.
Bubble and Claw Narrowband
SHO image of these two nebulas in Cassiopeia
Cave Nebula wide view
45 hours of integration on this field located in Cepheus. Cave nebula at the top surrounded by a rich Hydrogen field and dark lanes of dust. HOO composition.
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