NGC6820, 6823 and Sharpless 86
An unpopular Nebula in Vulpecula, captured in Narrowband
The Triangulum enhanced with 7 hours of Hydrogen alpha signal. The red regions are nebulae within the galaxy.
The Andromeda
M31 Galaxy captured in RGB with over 10 hours of exposure. September 2020
M33 - Triangulum Galaxy
Sister Galaxy to the Milky Way, in our local group It sparkles with regions of intense star formation.
15 hours of integration in RGB.
Elephant's Trunk Nebula
Located in Cepheus the Trunk is part of IC1396 a beautiful nebula complex. Captured in narrowband with 28 hours of integration.
Cave of Wonders
About 2400 light-years away in the constellation of Cepheus you'll find Aladdin's lamp. Hidden in the Cave nebula or Sharpless 155.
29.7 hours of exposure on this one, captured in narrowband and processed in the Hubble palette.
Star Ripples
The Crescent Nebula captured in Hydrogen and Oxygen, Summer 2020.
The Wizard
Captured in July 2020 over 8 different nights with about 19 hours of integration. Bicolour image using Halpha and Oiii data.
Sea of stars
Dark nebulae in the constellation of Vulpecula. In the center around the blue star, there's a small reflection nebula - Vdb126
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