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Wall to Pelican
North America Nebula in HOO composition. 12 hours of data capture in November 2019.
Bubble and Claw Narrowband
SHO image of these two nebulas in Cassiopeia
Cave Nebula wide view
45 hours of integration on this field located in Cepheus. Cave nebula at the top surrounded by a rich Hydrogen field and dark lanes of dust. HOO composition.
IC1805 - The Heart
Located in Cassiopeia about 7500 light years away.
27hours of exposures in Halpha and Oxygen.
Space Magic in Cepheus
The Wizard on the left casting a fireball spell in the form of Sharpless 139.
NGC 7380 or Wizard Nebula was discovered by Caroline Herschel and lies about 7200 light years away.
8hrs of Sii, 11hrs of Oiii and 20hrs of Ha
Cocoon Nebula Halpha enhanced
A stelar nursery in Cygnus surrounded by a sea of Hydrogen gas. The dark tail of the Cocoon aka Barnard 168 is a super dense dust region inside which new stars are being born. The image also features an incredible amount of colourful stars, something typical for Cygnus.
A total of 30 hours of exposure from light polluted Kingston at a focal length of 336mm.
Sharpless x3
First Summer project 2019. 35 hours of data over the course of 2 months with over
300 separate exposures. Faint dust that emits light in 3 different spectra (Hydrogen, Sulphur and Oxygen) was captured with long exposures and mixed into an colour image. Includes Sharpless 112, 115 and 116
The Iris and the Ghost
Over 21hours of data to bring out the fain dust in city light pollution. LRGB image with a total of 1300x1min frames
Blue Jellyfish
New edit of the SHO data I captured last winter. Narrowband image combining Hydrogen, Sulphur and Oxygen filters.
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NGC 2175 Bicolor

Also known as the Monkey Head Nebula. 6.8 hours of Hydrogen and Oxygen data.