Jellyfish Nebula - IC443
Supernova remnant in Gemini captured in narrowband with 24hours of integration - Nov/Dec 2020
The Bat - NGC6992
Part of the Eastern Veil in the Cygnus loop. Captured at 1000mm in bicolour Halpha and Oxygen.
Winter Sisters
Alcyone, Asterope, Celaeno, Electra, Maia, Merope, Sterope, and Taygeta aka the Pleiades or M45.
7 hours of integration October 2020.
Jewels of the Rosette
Captured in true colour and enhanced with some narrowband Halpha. 9hours of integration
NGC6820, 6823 and Sharpless 86
An unpopular Nebula in Vulpecula, captured in Narrowband
The Triangulum enhanced with 7 hours of Hydrogen alpha signal. The red regions are nebulae within the galaxy.
The Andromeda
M31 Galaxy captured in RGB with over 10 hours of exposure. September 2020
M33 - Triangulum Galaxy
Sister Galaxy to the Milky Way, in our local group It sparkles with regions of intense star formation.
15 hours of integration in RGB.
Elephant's Trunk Nebula
Located in Cepheus the Trunk is part of IC1396 a beautiful nebula complex. Captured in narrowband with 28 hours of integration.
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Cone nebula in Monoceros

This hydrogen rich field contains a few named landmarks like the Christmas Tree, Fox fur, Snowflake and Cone. 28 hours of integration in Oxygen and Hydrogen data.